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Why You Should Not Invest Bit Coin

As Bit coin prices predominate headlines, you may be thinking about if you need to put money into the favourite crypto currency.
Likely not: It is simply too volatile. The digital money is popularly well known for uncontrolled fluctuations in price. The worth of a single Bit coin--that has been created from 2008 with an anonymous developer or bunch of developers reached its own all-time most in ,165.89 from November 2013 before shooting a big dip, based to Coin Desk data.
Ever since that time, prices have less or more inched upward, and also at the beginning of this calendar year they all started to approach record highs. On Thursday the worthiness of a Bit coin reached ,153.02. But, after Thursday morning, prices unexpectedly fell by roughly 0.
"Liquidity dried up no shorts, zero sellers, so an explosive little bubble made fast," Peter Smith, leader of Bit coin pocket block-chain, told CNBC.
Those abrupt good and the bad are awful news for the portfolio. Even though Bit coin had an even significantly more than 100 percent return on investment in 20-16, it is five times more explosive compared to the S&P 500, said Campbell Harvey, a professor of finance at Duke University, that clarified Bit coin as "a very risky investment"
Even though you should purchase Bit coin low and sell high, you still may not find the major money you are awaiting. "You make an effort to sell this, and at that time that the sequence goes, the purchase price could have fell," explained Matthew Elbeck, a professor of marketing in Troy University. "It is really, really not worthwhile to the typical consumer"
Should you do decide to simply take the plunge and purchase a bitcoin, then ensure it is really a really modest portion of one's diversified portfolio--also you're able to afford to reduce your financial commitment. "I'd never advise this on the standalone foundation," Harvey explained.
However, for a few people living globally--such as Venezuelans plagued by a lack of cash and individuals in China, where the federal government has restricted movement of funding out their united states--Bit coin gifts a stylish option to have a hold of money, '' Harvey stated. Its increasing prevalence in these states are a part of the rationale for Bit coin's recent explosion.
Irrespective of Bit coin's downs and ups, the tech supporting it specially the block-chain, the frequent ledger that the digital money uses--might have a long-term impact for being a medium of exchange. Since Harvey informed MONEY's Taylor Tepper at 2015:

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We help you follow Rule No. 1 of Investing —Never lose money— by managing risks

...Some risks help you earn good risk-adjusted returns, manage them. Eliminate the rest!

Invest Successfully

Build and manage your portfolio with 4 Asset Classes

Investing in stocks of fundamentally sound companies, when they are available at a discount from their fair price (MRP), assures you of very good returns. Sell them only when market has priced them so high that future returns are likely to be low.

Investing in the ‘right’ Mutual Funds (MFs) enables you to earn high returns and diversify with ease. However, selecting the right MF is a challenge, because today’s best performers are unlikely to be tomorrow's winners. They come at a high cost, and hence, make sense only when they beat Index Funds.

Index Fund is a Mutual Fund whose portfolio mimics a particular index (e.g. SENSEX 30, Nifty 50). They are much cheaper than MFs. Index Funds will become more attractive, as MFs will find it difficult to beat the Index and justify their high costs.

Ensure Security! Equity always comes with risk. Ensure your security by allocating a portion of your Investable Surplus to low-risk fixed-income assets

  • Debt Funds: How much depends on your risk profile and the market levels
  • Gold ETF: As an insurance against risks not reduced by diversification


Do Smart Asset Allocation

Split your Investable Surplus between equity and debt based on your risk-profile and market levels. When market moves well above the fair value, reduce exposure to equity; and when market is at an attractive discount, increase investment in equity. This enhances your risk-adjusted returns!

Reshuffle Assets

When asset prices change significantly, there is a need to reshuffle your portfolio. Sell the asset that now offer a lower risk-adjusted return based on fundamentals, and buy into new opportunities.

Investing in Direct Stocks requires getting 3 things right

Right Stocks

Know which stocks are investment-worthy: those which can be owned for a long time, and will give a healthy compounded growth. These would have performed consistently across the most important parameters over a 10-year period, thus showing the ability to manage results through tough economic cycles. Find out, if they also have a good long-term future prospect.

Right Price

Knowing the full and fair price (MRP)—not the target price—of a stock, based on its fundamentals, gives you the edge to act confidently, even when the markets is volatile. Use this price and a Margin of Safety to arrive at an attractive price to buy a stock. Similarly, sell a stock when it is well above its MRP.

Right Allocation

Build a diversified portfolio to reduce risk while enhancing returns. Know what is the maximum you can invest in a stock, when to enter and when to add, so that you can build a strong portfolio.

Investing in Mutual Funds requires getting 3 things Sahi

Kuch Hi Mutual Funds Sahi Hai
Only few are Right

Not all Mutual Funds are Sahi.Looking at returns and investing in today's top performers is a recipe for disappointment.
To find a right Mutual Fund, look at its 10 year's performance for

  • Higher returns than Benchmark TRI on a 3-years rolling returns-basis (Rolling Alpha)
  • Returns earned by Investors vs Fund Returns (Implied Investor Returns)
  • Underlying Assets Quality (Quality-Cap mix)
  • Expense Ratio compared to the total Alpha generated

We have colour-coded Mutual Funds as green, orange & red, so you can easily identify the Sahi ones.

Kuch Hi Mutual Funds 'Aapke liye' Sahi Hai
Only a few are Right for You

From the investment-worthy Mutual Funds, select Funds that are aligned to your risk profile and make sense in your portfolio. A mix of 3 to max 4 different types of Funds would make a good portfolio.
You can use our Portfolio Manager to know all the stocks that you own directly or through a Mutual Fund and be aware of the risks in your portfolio.
You can also check the impact of adding a Mutual Fund to your portfolio before taking a decision.

Mutual Funds Kharidne ka Sahi Tarika
Right way to Buy

You need to buy, a right Mutual Fund at an attractive price i.e. when the Potential Upside on the Mutual Fund is higher than its Benchmark Index.
While the discipline of SIP is imperative for success in investing, committing money to a specific Fund, immaterial of its price and market levels, can be sub-optimal. We recommend smart asset allocation and selecting the specific asset that gives the best risk-adjusted returns every time you invest.
Finally, buy a Direct Plan to save costs and earn higher returns.

Why you should make us your Trusted Partner

Zero-conflict-of-Interest Portfolio Advisory. We do not earn any brokerages, commissions etc. from your investments. You can be 100% sure that our advice is based solely on how it will benefit you. We are registered with SEBI, Regd. No. INH000000719.

10 years of Equity Research. We follow a very systematic & robust approach for equity research. We have developed many tools like 10-Year X-ray, Maximum Retail Price (MRP)-Discount Price (DP), Nifty@MRP to help us provide right recommendations to Retail Investors.

Transparent and Collaborative: We provide simple-to-understand analysis. Our valuations since 2011 are visible online. While we provide the insights and recommendations, Customers are in control and take the final decisions.

Focus on Risk-adjusted Returns: We are constantly watching for opportunities that give higher risk-adjusted returns, and recommend rebalancing between equity and debt as well as reshuffling of assets based on this.

You can rely on us, like many of our Customers do, to make your investing—Safer, Smarter, and Simpler!

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We never planned getting into this. Since 2000, we run a Business Consulting and Training company out of Pune. Thanks to a very bad experience of investing in MF and ULIPs using the services of an MNC bank in 2008, we decided on our mission to make wealth-creation thru' investing safe and simple for Retail Investors like us

It turned out to be more difficult than we imagined! Simple was not simple enough, and making equity-investing safe was like grappling with the ultimate paradox. Also, the markets went from deep despair to irrational euphoria...

We used this opportunity, for our advantage, to test our models. We have continuously evolved our models and products to suit individual Customers’ profiles & needs. Now, with intelligent solutions like Portfolio Manager (Free), Omega (Paid) and Superstars (Paid), we can truly say that we have made investing—Safer, Smarter, and Simpler!

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